Getting Money from an Unneeded Insurance Policy

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What if I decide I no longer want my whole life insurance policy?

Getting Money from an Unneeded Insurance Policy

Whole life insurance policies will allow you to cash in your policy (if it is still in good standing) for a settled amount, based on your pre-established whole life insurance quotes, if you decide you no longer want or need the policy. This means that all of those whole life insurance premiums that you have paid over the years will not go entirely to waste.

Although you may not receive the entire amount that you paid in, you will still receive a portion of your premium payments back. The actual amount will depend on the terms set by your whole life insurance company.

Furthermore, there are also companies that will buy your whole life insurance policy from you, make themselves the beneficiary, continue to make the premiums, and hold on to it until after you pass. These companies will often pay more than you would get back from your whole life insurance company, but they may have restrictions about buying from persons under a certain age.



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