Term Life Insurance May Be Cheaper for Smokers Than Other Plans

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I am a young, healthy smoker who needs a 1-5 year life insurance policy. How can I get the best rate?

Term Life Insurance May Be Cheaper for Smokers Than Other Plans

If you are a young smoker who needs short-term life insurance coverage (usually 5 years or less), then you may be able to receive a cheaper rate from a term life insurance policy than another life insurance type.

This is because, if you currently have no health conditions associated with your habit and you are still young, there is little to no chance that you will die within 5 years from a smoking related condition.

Since your term life insurance policy would end before this time, the company may not take your smoking into large consideration when giving you a term life insurance quote, unlike other life insurance options.

This will vary depending on the company and length of policy your choose.



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