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Reserves are pools of funds that insurance companies are required to keep in order to meet the financial obligation of paying death claims.



Reinstatement is the re-approval and re-activation of your life insurance policy after a lapse. Before reinstatement you ill be asked to complete a new application and you will have to go through underwriting approval. Additionally, you will be expected to pay the premiums that have been unpaid.



A lapse occurs when your policy premium is not paid on time and your benefits cease. Lapses can be prevented if your policy premium is always paid on or ahead of time.


Life Insurance Coverage Options

Life insurance can be purchased to provide a means of payment for burial expenses. It can also be purched to pay for burial expenses and your familys debt. Additionally, life insurance can be purchased so the proceeds are enough to set up college or trust funds for your children and family.


Why Get a Life Insurance Policy?

You took your time when deciding what neighborhood to live in. You checked crime statistics, school zones and school performance, and you made sure there were all manner of modern conveniences nearby. Without a life insurance policy to ensure that your family can remain in the home you carefully selected, your family may be forced to move and unable to afford to be choosey about where they go.


Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance premiums can be paid quarterly, annually, semi-annually or monthly. Generally, it is best to pay the premium annually in order to avoid additional processing fees. Should you miss a payment, you policy may lapse which could result in your coverage being permanently revoked.

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