Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Where can I find a quick life insurance quote?

Can I trust all online life insurance quotes?

Is it worth the money to get a life insurance policy that pays out quickly?

Do I need to tell the life insurance company that I smoke?

Should I buy the lowest life insurance rate I can find?

How do I know how much life insurance I need?

I have a large family; will it make my life insurance premium rise?

When should I re-evaluate my current life insurance policy?

What life insurance amount is recommended by experts?

Do young people need a large life insurance policy?

How can I get free life insurance?

my employer-paid life insurance policy enough?

How will I know if a potential job comes with a life insurance policy benefit?

If I leave my job, can I take over my life insurance payments and keep my coverage?

I receive life insurance through my employer, do I need my own policy?

What should I know about my employer’s life insurance policy?

Will my employer-paid life insurance policy cover me after retirement?

Will I have to pay to get life insurance through my employer?

What types of life insurance coverage are typically offered by employers?

Can I receive employer-paid life insurance for my spouse?

Why should I get a life insurance policy rather than saving the money myself?

How can I make sure I choose the right life insurance policy?

Where can I find long-term, predictable life insurance?

What types of life insurance are available to me?

Why should I consider life insurance coverage?

Why should I get a life insurance policy for my child?

What is the best type of life insurance policy to get for my child?

Who should be my life insurance beneficiary if I do not have a spouse?

When do I know when to cash in my life insurance policy?

Should I have more than one type of life insurance policy?

What is a good alternative to term life insurance?

What life insurance is best to receive more flexibility?

Why would someone need to pay the usually higher cost of permanent life insurance rates?

Is their any life insurance policy I can count on if I have an unexpected income loss?

Is their a life insurance policy that can help me while I am still living?

Is their a life insurance policy that offers flexible premium payments?

What can I do if my permanent life insurance does not provide enough coverage?

How do I avoid becoming “uninsurable”?

How can I avoid the high cost of life insurance renewals?

What is an unique advantage offered by permanent life insurance?

What is the best way to ensure that my family can stay in our home if I die?

How can I help my spouse cope financially if I die?

Is mortgage life insurance more important for those with a larger home?

If I do not qualify for life insurance, can I still qualify for mortgage life insurance?

How can I get additional life insurance coverage for my family without the added expense?

What causes of death does mortgage life insurance cover?

Is mortgage life insurance for both my spouse and I expensive?

Can I still get a mortgage life insurance policy if I am older?

What questions will a mortgage life insurance company ask before giving me a policy?

What options are available to me if I need lasting life insurance coverage?

How can I ensure that I can receive affordable life insurance when I am older?

What if I decide I no longer want my whole life insurance policy?

What if I default on my whole life insurance policy?

What if my spouse and I both want coverage for each other, but don’t have any beneficiary’s after both of us pass?

What can whole life insurance do for me besides pay my beneficiaries upon my death?

Why should I consider whole life insurance instead of term life insurance, since I will no longer need it once my children grow up?

Can I benefit from whole life insurance?

I need money but don’t want to throw away my whole life insurance policy by receiving a settlement. What can I do?

Instead of giving money to a life insurance company, can’t I just save and let it build up elsewhere?

Why would I consider whole life insurance instead of term life insurance?

I cannot decide between a term or whole life insurance policy, what can I do?

What is the difference between universal life & variable universal life?

How can I make my universal life insurance policy work for me?

What is the difference between a whole & universal life insurance policy?

Why would I want universal life insurance?

How much can I make on my universal life insurance policy?

Can I opt for universal life insurance if I want a $10,000 or less policy?

What will happen to my death benefit if my cash value drops to zero?

Will my beneficiaries pay taxes from my universal life insurance policy payout?

What is the best type of life insurance for a younger person?

Do I need life insurance if I have no dependants?

I only need life insurance for a short time, what type is best for me?

What should I ask about when calling for term life insurance quotes?

Who should get term life insurance?

Can I find affordable life insurance?

What is the best way to find term life insurance quotes?

How can I find the cheapest term life insurance quote?

I am a young, healthy smoker who needs a 1-5 year life insurance policy. How can I get the best rate?

How much term life insurance coverage do I need?

Why Should I Work With a Life Insurance Agent?

What Are The More Popular Life Insurance Options?

Why Consider Life Insurance for the Whole Family?

How can I get the best rate on return of premium life insurance?

Why should seniors consider life insurance?

What are the things to consider when considering life insurance?

Is survivorship a good option for my needs?

What is return of premium life insurance?

How can return of premium life insurance protect my future?

How Can I Protect My Life Insurance Policy?

What is Group Life Insurance?

Why Offer Employee Group Life Insurance?

What is the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Plan?

What is SGLI Coverage?

How Can Smokers Reduce Their Life Insurance Premiums?

How Can Smokers Get Affordable Rates?

What is Smoker Term Life Insurance?

Is Life Insurance Available for Service Members That Smoke?

What Kinds of Plicies Are Available to Smokers?

How Can Smokers Get Better Rates?

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