Life Insurance for Women

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Life Insurance for Women

For many years, the target demographic for life insurance companies was middle-aged men who earned the majority of the money for their familes. In recent years, women have emerged as equals in the workforce, but do not carry the amount of life insurance as men.

As women make their way up the corporate ladder, many husbands are staying home with the kids and playing the Mr. Mom role. In some cases, the households are dual-income and can obtain two different life insurance policies. It's beneficial for the family together to look at their insurance policies, and decide on a suitable plan.

- If the woman is the breadwinner in the family, would a man be able to keep up the house and the children's lifestyle if the wife dies?
- If a woman is single, who would shoulder the burden upon her death?

Women need affordable life insurance the same as men to ensure that the survivors are taken care of properly.



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