Term Life Insurance for Those with No Dependants

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Do I need life insurance if I have no dependants?

Term Life Insurance for Those with No Dependants

Although life insurance is generally targeted at those who have people that count on them everyday, those without dependants need to think about life insurance as well.

If you die, someone will have to foot the bill for your funeral and other expenses, which could leave a parent, sibling, or other family member in a financial bind.

Term life insurance may be best for those who have no dependants, since you can usually get as little as $5,000 worth of coverage (just enough to pay your final expenses), you can determine how long you want the policy (usually as little as 1 year or up to 30 years), and it will be easier on your wallet than more comprehensive types of insurance.

Stipulations and rate will depend on the policy and company you choose.



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