Tips for Choosing a Life Insurance Agent

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What Should I Look For When Choosing a Life Insurance Agent?

Tips for Choosing a Life Insurance Agent

In many cases, the life insurance agent can be almost as important as the life insurance policy. Wondering what to look for when choosing a life insurance agent? Read the following tips for a few ideas.

Tip 1. Consider an Independent Agent

• Independent life insurance agents can be more focused on consumers because they are not focused only on one company.
• Independent agents can share information from multiple carriers, which means more diverse options for potential policy holders.
• Independent agents work with multiple carriers so you can continue your relationship even if you choose to go with a different carrier.

Tip 2. Be Sure Your Life Insurance Agent is Knowledgeable

• The decision to buy life insurance is not one to be taken lightly. There are many considerations. Insurance shoppers should expect that agents will be knowledgeable enough to provide expertise across a range of scenarios.
• Life Insurance agents should participate in ongoing training and professional development activities that keep the knowledge base current and relevant. Ask your agent about training, licensing and experience.

Tip 3. Choose a Life Insurance Agent that is Accessible

• Whether it is via telephone or email, your agent should provide reasonably prompt responses to questions and inquiries.



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