Tips for Getting the Best Rates on Return of Premium Life Insurance

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How can I get the best rate on return of premium life insurance?

Tips for Getting the Best Rates on Return of Premium Life Insurance

Getting the best rate for return of premium life insurance just makes good financial sense. But how can potential policy holders be sure they are getting the best rate? Read the following tips to find out.

Tip 1. You are a Primary Determinant of Available Insurance Rates

  • Premium payments are not just arbitrary figures thrown out by insurance agents. They are carefully considered amounts based on several factors including:
    • Your age, gender, weight and height
    • Alcohol and tobacco use
    • Health history
    • Policy term (or length of time policy will be in effect)
    • Amount of benefit
    • Where you live
    • Your insurance provider
    • Your driving history
    • Your occupation
    • Your payment terms (annually, quarterly, etc.)
Obviously, you have no control over many of the factors listed above. Don't let that deter you. Some circumstances, such as those related to health, can change. For example, more attractive rates may be available to you after you have reached a healthy weight, reached normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels or experienced 12-months without a major health problem.

Tip 2. Use an Insurance Calculator

  • An insurance calculator is a useful tool for comparing policies, planning payments, determining taxes, coverage amounts and anticipated benefits.
  • Use this tool to make your premium payments work harder for you.



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