Holding on to Your Life Insurance Policies

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How Can I Locate a Lost Life Insurance Policy?

Holding on to Your Life Insurance Policies

Ideally, life insurance policies are kept in a safe place and beneficiaries know how and where to find them if it becomes necessary to make a claim. When that isn't the case there are ways to find a lost life insurance policy.

Tip 1. Review Financial Records

• Financial records can give beneficiaries a clue about who might have issued the policy holders insurance.
• If such records are not immediately available talk with people who may be familiar with the deceased's financial history.

Tip 2. Contact the Medical Information Bureau (MIB)

• This agency has a database of requests from insurance carriers for medical information from potential applicants.

Tip 3. Check with the Insured's State

• If no beneficiary steps forward to claim the benefit the insurer may turn the funds over to the state as unclaimed property. If the death occurred at least 3-5 years ago it might be worth checking your state's searchable database for unclaimed insurance benefits.



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