Tips on Life Insurance Awareness Month

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What is Life Insurance Awareness Month?

Tips on Life Insurance Awareness Month

Life insurance is one of the foundations of a sound financial plan. Still many people remain unaware of its importance. Life insurance companies are working to change that by marking each September as Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Tip 1. Life Insurance Companies Planned Life Insurance Awareness Month with Consumers in Mind.

• Remarkably, nearly 70 million Americans have no life insurance coverage.
• Of those that are covered, policy amounts are often inadequate to meet their loved ones financial needs.
• More than 100 life insurance companies participate in this campaign. Their goal? To create opportunities for the uninsured to seek out coverage that will protect loved ones from unnecessary financial hardship when their income is removed from the family budget.

Tip 2. Top Life Insurance Companies Want to Help You get the Coverage You Need

• Many questions come up when shopping for life insurance. Should I read life insurance company reviews to find the best provider? Where can I find life insurance company rankings? How does term life insurance differ from whole life insurance?
• Life insurance companies can help you find the answers you need and feel confident in your plan and the protection it will provide for your family.



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