Tips on Group Life Insurance for Servicemen

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What is SGLI Coverage?

Tips on Group Life Insurance for Servicemen

Life insurance carriers manage risk. Too many claims and the carrier cannot be certain of being around long enough to meet the needs of its policy holders. The need to balance risks means certain groups - such as members of the military - are less insurable than others. Members of the military can still find good coverage.

This low cost insurance coverage is available to active duty military members, members of the Reserve Officer Training Corps, ready Reservists and others with duties that put them at high risk of death and disability.

  • Coverage is available in increments of $50,000 up to the maximum amount.
  • Premium payments are calculated based on the value of the policy, not the age of the policy holder.
  • Policy holders may elect to convert to a:
    • Veteran's Group Life Insurance Plan (VGLI) – service members should be mindful of conversion deadlines when planning their policy conversion; or
    • Commercial Insurance Plan – Service members should contact the Office of Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (OSGLI) for a list of participating companies. Generally, members will not need to provide proof of good health. Members should expect to provide proof of coverage, which can be obtained from OSGLI.



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