Affordable Life Insurance for Smokers Tips

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How Can Smokers Get Affordable Rates?

Affordable Life Insurance for Smokers Tips

Life insurance costs have declined significantly in the last decade. That is good news for everyone; particularly those buying life insurance for smokers. Life insurance for smokers is more available and more affordable than ever.

For example, with some insurance companies life insurance for smokers is determined based on usage. Heavy smokers may pay higher rates than moderate or occasional smokers. Work with a life insurance agent that can assess your situation and has access to the companies that are the best fit.Although life insurance for smokers is, overall, more affordable there is still wide variation among carriers. Because of differences in underwriting there can significant differences in price on life insurance for smokers.

Get an online quote without giving any personal information. Next, talk with your agent to see learn what factors will contribute to a reduction in this rate. Cigarette smokers that are generally in good physical health (normal height/weight ratio, good cholesterol levels, etc.) may still qualify for preferred insurance rates.



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