Smoker Term Life Insurance Tips

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What is Smoker Term Life Insurance?

Smoker Term Life Insurance Tips

Smoker term life insurance is available for up to 30 years. What is term insurance? Read the following tips to learn all about it.

Tip 1. Smoker Term Life Insurance Provides Coverage for a Set Number of Years.

  • For example, if you elect a 15 year policy, you can expect to be covered for 15 years. Unlike whole life insurance, term insurance is not permanent; it does not provide life long coverage.
  • If the policyholder dies while the policy is in force (within the term and with premium payments current) the death benefit is paid to the beneficiaries.
Tip 2. Life Insurance for Smokers is Available from Top Rated Companies

  • Smokers can buy policies with confidence from reputable providers.
  • When buying life insurance the top three concerns should be price, coverage and financial rating of the insurance carriers. There are a number of companies rated high in terms of financial strength that provide affordable life insurance for smokers.
Life insurance for smokers can offer the stability of level term payments. Level term payments offer stability instead of surprise. Premiums remain the same for the policy term. Many of these policies also offer the option of renewal.



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