Tips On Types of Life Insurance Policies for Smokers

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What Kinds of Plicies Are Available to Smokers?

Tips On Types of Life Insurance Policies for Smokers

Smoker life insurance offers the same benefits and options as non-smoker life insurance for a slightly higher price. What are some of these benefits? Read the following tips to learn about a few.

Tip 1. Level Premiums Are Available with Life Insurance for Smokers.

  • With level premiums the policy holder pays the same premium amount throughout the policy term.
  • Smoker term life insurance with level premiums can be a very affordable way to provide important financial protection for your family.
Tip 2. Return of Premium Policies Are Available to Smokers

  • Like most everyone else, smokers know the value of a dollar. Return of Premium Policies (ROP term) are term policies that return premium payments to the policy holder at the end of the term. You get protection that if you don't use allows for a full refund of your premiums.
  • Return of Premium Policies provide important protection and, ultimately, a nest egg. No simple savings account can do that.
Tip 3. Whole Life Insurance Policies Are Available to Smokers

  • These permanent policies provide life long protection and build cash value. Have you quit smoking in the last twelve months? Talk with your agent to see if you qualify for an even more affordable rate.



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