Five Tips for Getting the Best Rates on Life Insurance for Smokers.

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How Can Smokers Get Better Rates?

Five Tips for Getting the Best Rates on Life Insurance for Smokers.

Tip 1. Understand How Increments or Units of Insurance Can Impact Price : Determine how much insurance you need then check rates on amount just above your figure. You may learn that rates on $230,000 worth of coverage are higher than on $250,000 in coverage.

Tip 2. Shop Around: The rules and conditions vary widely when it comes to life insurance for smokers. Work with an agent that understands your individual situation (for example how much you smoke, etc.) and can shop it in a way that yields the best coverage and rates. You would do well to seek protection from a company that specializes in smokers.

Tip 3. Challenge Unfair Rates: If you only smoke an occasional cigar but have been classified as a smoker it may be wise to challenge that classification. If you cannot get satisfaction over the phone, you may need to write a letter. Also, consider enlisting your doctor and life insurance agent's support for your challenge.

Tip 4. Consider Quitting: Many life insurance providers offer former smokers better rates as little as 12 months after they kick the habit.

Tip 5. Improve Your Overall Health: Tobacco use is but one factor in determining life insurance rates. Other factors include weight, risk related activities and cholesterol levels. You may be able to reduce your premium simply by losing a few pounds or lowering your cholesterol levels.



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