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Can I Buy Life Insurance Online?

Life Insurance Online

Did you know that you can receive instant life insurance quotes for many types of coverage? Depending upon the amount of coverage you are seeking you may even qualify for coverage with no medical exam. Buying life insurance online is convenient and easy.

Tip 1. Instant Life Insurance Quotes are Available on Term and Universal Policies

• Getting life insurance quotes on line is safe. Shoppers need not submit any personal information. You can anonymously answer a few brief questions to get information about a variety of carriers that provide the coverage you want.
• Along with basic information about applicable policies offered by each carrier shoppers learn about their financial strength rating also.
• Why is financial strength rating important? Life insurance is an important investment decision. Strong financial ratings can give the policy holder confidence that the carrier will be able to pay the benefit in the event of a claim.

Tip 2. Talk With an Agent about Whole Life Insurance Quotes: There
are many more factors to consider with whole life insurance than with term or universal. For this reason, shoppers work with agents to arrive at custom quotes. Your rate reflects your own individualized circumstances, and cannot be determined instantly.



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