Tips On No Medical Exam Insurance

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Can I Buy Insurance Without a Medical Exam?

Tips On No Medical Exam Insurance

When buying life insurance online, you won't need to visit your doctor's office. Depending on the type and amount of life insurance you are seeking everything can take place in the comfort of your own home.

Tip 1. No Medical Exam Policies Are Available: The medical exam or medical underwriting component of applying for coverage can generally be avoided by those 40 and under seeking low value (say $100,000 or less) policies. As you age, the amount of coverage you qualify for without a medical exam decreases.

Tip 2. If You Do Require an Exam it can be performed in Your Home: The most basic medical underwriting requires only samples of your saliva blood and urine. Using portable equipment, medical personnel contracted by the insurance carrier can perform these tests in your home or office. Why take saliva, blood and urine samples? Carriers are looking for evidence of risky health habits or conditions. Specifically nicotine or illegal drug use, elevated cholesterol levels, HIV infection and so forth.

Tip 3. High Value Policies Generally Require More Extensive Exams: In addition to the more basic exam older policy applicants or those seeking high value policies must submit to additional testing. These tests can include things like an EKG or a heart stress test using a treadmill or similar equipment.



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