Is Life Insurance Really Necessary?

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Is Life Insurance Really Necessary?

I don't know if you've heard, but the legendary infomercial guru, Billy Mays is dead. Oh, and Michael Jackson. Oh, wait, Farrah Fawcett too...and let's not forget David Carradine a few weeks ago. Of these 4 deaths in June, how many did not come as a surprise? Really, only one. Farrah Fawcett was maybe a little shocking, but she had been having issues, so we couldn't have been completely off guard.

Unfortunately, unexpected death does not just afflict the rich and famous. Every day, thousands of people under the age of 70 with no history of health complications suddenly die. Whether it's an accident, suicide, murder or an asymptomatic disease, it happens.

Without a life insurance policy to leave their survivors, their death not only has the impact of a tragic loss of a loved one, it also creates the potential for a long-lasting legacy of financial hardship. Families, unable to afford the homes they've lived in for decades suddenly find themselves in apartments not even half the size of their former home. Children, used to private schools and dream of college are pulled out of school during the move, college funds are no longer funded, and after school activities seem like expensive luxuries.

With life insurance, you give your family the financial freedom to mourn you in a healthy way. To rise above their grief and begin life anew--without the stress of finding a new life in a new economic environment.



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