Tips on Reducing Life Insurance Rates for Smokers

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How Can Smokers Reduce Their Life Insurance Premiums?

Tips on Reducing Life Insurance Rates for Smokers

Life insurance for smokers is more affordable than most people think. Still, lower rates are available to non-smokers. Is there any way for a smoker to have premium rates reduced? Read the following tips for some helpful information.

Tip 1. Many Insurer's Will Classify You as a Smoker if Nicotine is Found in Your Samples.

  • Blood and urine samples are often taken as a part of your application for insurance.
  • Even if you have recently kicked the habit and are using the patch as support, the presence of nicotine (detected even if you are only using a patch) will lead to your classification as a smoker.
  • Some insurance providers may be willing to reevaluate your application and health status after you have been smoke free for at least 12 months.
Tip 2. Talk With Your Agent

  • Every situation is different. If you are shopping online for life insurance for smokers or life insurance for cigar smokers you may not find the most applicable quotes.
  • Talk with your agent who can:
    • Get a clear understanding of your situation and advocate for you with carriers
    • Conduct more in-depth research based on the information you provide.
    • Help you get a lower rate



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