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What is Smoker Term Life Insurance?

Smoker Term Life Insurance Tips

Smoker term life insurance is available for up to 30 years. What is term insurance? Read the following tips to learn all about it.

Tip 1. Smoker Term Life Insurance Provides Coverage for a Set Number of Years.

  • For example, if you elect a 15 year policy, you can expect to be covered for 15 years. Unlike whole life insurance, term insurance is not permanent; it does not provide life long coverage.
  • If the policyholder dies while the policy is in force (within the term and with premium payments current) the death benefit is paid to the beneficiaries.
Tip 2. Life Insurance for Smokers is Available from Top Rated Companies

  • Smokers can buy policies with confidence from reputable providers.
  • When buying life insurance the top three concerns should be price, coverage and financial rating of the insurance carriers. There are a number of companies rated high in terms of financial strength that provide affordable life insurance for smokers.
Life insurance for smokers can offer the stability of level term payments. Level term payments offer stability instead of surprise. Premiums remain the same for the policy term. Many of these policies also offer the option of renewal.

What Kinds of Plicies Are Available to Smokers?

Tips On Types of Life Insurance Policies for Smokers

Smoker life insurance offers the same benefits and options as non-smoker life insurance for a slightly higher price. What are some of these benefits? Read the following tips to learn about a few.

Tip 1. Level Premiums Are Available with Life Insurance for Smokers.

  • With level premiums the policy holder pays the same premium amount throughout the policy term.
  • Smoker term life insurance with level premiums can be a very affordable way to provide important financial protection for your family.
Tip 2. Return of Premium Policies Are Available to Smokers

  • Like most everyone else, smokers know the value of a dollar. Return of Premium Policies (ROP term) are term policies that return premium payments to the policy holder at the end of the term. You get protection that if you don't use allows for a full refund of your premiums.
  • Return of Premium Policies provide important protection and, ultimately, a nest egg. No simple savings account can do that.
Tip 3. Whole Life Insurance Policies Are Available to Smokers

  • These permanent policies provide life long protection and build cash value. Have you quit smoking in the last twelve months? Talk with your agent to see if you qualify for an even more affordable rate.

Is Life Insurance Available for Service Members That Smoke?

Tips on Coverage for Military Smokers

The Veteran's Benefit Association Offers Life Insurance for Smokers. The plan's benefits include:

  • Coverage is available in increments of $25,000 up to $300,000.
  • These term policies allow service members to drop or add increments based on life events (such as marriage, birth of a child, etc.)
  • Applicants must have prior or current Military service or be the spouse, child or grandchildren of a current or former service member.
  • Applicants must be younger than 65; coverage is renewable through age 85.
  • Changes in nicotine use will impact rates.
  • Life insurance isn't just for those earning wages. Family plans can help cover the cost of final expenses as well as other expenses associated with the loss of family members.
Contact the Department of Veteran Affairs to learn about other plans available to smoker and non-smoker service members.

How Can Smokers Get Affordable Rates?

Affordable Life Insurance for Smokers Tips

Life insurance costs have declined significantly in the last decade. That is good news for everyone; particularly those buying life insurance for smokers. Life insurance for smokers is more available and more affordable than ever.

For example, with some insurance companies life insurance for smokers is determined based on usage. Heavy smokers may pay higher rates than moderate or occasional smokers. Work with a life insurance agent that can assess your situation and has access to the companies that are the best fit.Although life insurance for smokers is, overall, more affordable there is still wide variation among carriers. Because of differences in underwriting there can significant differences in price on life insurance for smokers.

Get an online quote without giving any personal information. Next, talk with your agent to see learn what factors will contribute to a reduction in this rate. Cigarette smokers that are generally in good physical health (normal height/weight ratio, good cholesterol levels, etc.) may still qualify for preferred insurance rates.

How Can Smokers Reduce Their Life Insurance Premiums?

Tips on Reducing Life Insurance Rates for Smokers

Life insurance for smokers is more affordable than most people think. Still, lower rates are available to non-smokers. Is there any way for a smoker to have premium rates reduced? Read the following tips for some helpful information.

Tip 1. Many Insurer's Will Classify You as a Smoker if Nicotine is Found in Your Samples.

  • Blood and urine samples are often taken as a part of your application for insurance.
  • Even if you have recently kicked the habit and are using the patch as support, the presence of nicotine (detected even if you are only using a patch) will lead to your classification as a smoker.
  • Some insurance providers may be willing to reevaluate your application and health status after you have been smoke free for at least 12 months.
Tip 2. Talk With Your Agent

  • Every situation is different. If you are shopping online for life insurance for smokers or life insurance for cigar smokers you may not find the most applicable quotes.
  • Talk with your agent who can:
    • Get a clear understanding of your situation and advocate for you with carriers
    • Conduct more in-depth research based on the information you provide.
    • Help you get a lower rate

How Can Smokers Get Better Rates?

Five Tips for Getting the Best Rates on Life Insurance for Smokers.

Tip 1. Understand How Increments or Units of Insurance Can Impact Price : Determine how much insurance you need then check rates on amount just above your figure. You may learn that rates on $230,000 worth of coverage are higher than on $250,000 in coverage.

Tip 2. Shop Around: The rules and conditions vary widely when it comes to life insurance for smokers. Work with an agent that understands your individual situation (for example how much you smoke, etc.) and can shop it in a way that yields the best coverage and rates. You would do well to seek protection from a company that specializes in smokers.

Tip 3. Challenge Unfair Rates: If you only smoke an occasional cigar but have been classified as a smoker it may be wise to challenge that classification. If you cannot get satisfaction over the phone, you may need to write a letter. Also, consider enlisting your doctor and life insurance agent's support for your challenge.

Tip 4. Consider Quitting: Many life insurance providers offer former smokers better rates as little as 12 months after they kick the habit.

Tip 5. Improve Your Overall Health: Tobacco use is but one factor in determining life insurance rates. Other factors include weight, risk related activities and cholesterol levels. You may be able to reduce your premium simply by losing a few pounds or lowering your cholesterol levels.

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